Zsolt Sőrés

CESSE Conference / Workshops
Zsolt Sőrés (sometimes Ahad) is an improvised/electroacoustic and noise musician, sound artist, sound ecologist, performance and conceptual artist. He is playing on viola, 5-string viola, toy synthesizers, circuit bent toys, dictaphone tapes, lo-fi sound sources, contact microphones, effects, objects, electronics. He is working both as a musician and composer with the use of conventional instruments and viola that he use in unconventional ways (for preparation, conversion and through new playing techniques), and partly by the use of unusual music – and sound instruments.

Balázs Kovács

CESSE Conference / Paper / Eco-Friendly Sound Art Practices / Workshop / Low Power Devices in Sound Art / Balázs Kovács, PhD, University of Pécs, Faculty of Arts / Smart technoligies opened the door before self-powering electronic music. In this workshop we’ll use small but powerful devices which use solar power or hand-crank generators to drive themselves…