Brane Zorman and Irena Pivka SLO

CESSE Conference, Papers / Paper: Brane Zorman & Irena Pivka: Ways of Listening and Sound Integration of Space and Time within Contemporary Art Practices / CONA Institute for Contemporary Arts Processing, Ljubljana / Concert: Brane Zorman / Ems Memory Trackers (2016) / Live sound performance in 5.1, surround with video projection / Brane Zorman, composer, sound, radio artist and new media artist and Irena Pivka, architect, scenographer and new media artist are working together on a series of collaborative projects.
Ways of listening and sound integration of space and time within contemporary art practices.

OR poiesis SLO

CESSE Conference / Concerts
OR poiesis / Flux hortus, PARADISCO is eavesdropping in-to the acoustic qualities of the paradise. Nothing ever changes there, there are no seasons, everything is always the same. Inhabitants are probably already completely deaf … or crazy…