Iva Polanecká CZ

CESSE Conference / Papers / STEREO PUBLIC (2016 Trento, 2017 Usti nad Labem), Soundwalk, performance / Sound walk STEREO PUBLIC was created as a site-specific performance for city of Trento.It highlights listening throught time and place. Sound walk, listening while walk, can not bereplaced by an experience by listening to its original source, it’s an experience itself. It’s areconstruction and transcription of sound events, that have been originated at the same place,but in a past…

Tomáš Šenkyřík (CZ)

CESSE / Papers / Soundmap of Southern Moravian fauna / Tomáš Šenkyřík (CZ) is a musicologist with interest in field recordings. He is interested in acoustic ecology and discovering musical structures in nature. He is fascinated in finding musical qualities in dialogues between natural and unnatural sounds…

Jan Krombholz, Polina Khatsenka BY/CZ

CESSE Conference / Concerts
[mʊdʌ’ki] sound artist, music producer and sound designer from Belarus, Minsk. Faculty of Art and Design, Time-based media studio, UJEP, Ústí nad Labem, Czech Republic. Field-recordings, found sounds, deep listening, improvisation, multichannel sound systems.

Michal Kindernay

Cesse Conference / Paper: Soundmaps – Perception of the Urban Soundscape / Concert: Lloyd Dunn (US/CZ) & Michal Kindernay (CZ): Sea Blindness No. 3 / Michal Kindernay is an intermedia artist, curator and performer. His audio-visual installations interconnect art, technology and science. He reflects ecological issues through various technological approaches in relation to nature environment. His works include video performances, interactive installations or experimental documentary projects or sound compositions.

Lloyd Dunn US/CZ & Michal Kindernay CZ

Sea Blindness No. 3 / CESSE Conference/ Concerts / Lloyd Dunn US/CZ & Michal Kindernay CZ / A live audiovisual composition for various water sounds and salt, together with the sound of transport ships, communication, and industry. This multi-channel composition reveals the fragile relationships between micro and macro events in the sea environment and industrial ambiences.

Miloš Vojtěchovský

CESSE Conference / Papers / Sound and Environmental Topics within and Beyond the Contemporary art in Central Europe (a Survey) / Supported by the Center for Audiovisual Studies at Film and Television Faculty of Academy of Performing Arts in Prague

Lloyd Dunn US-CZ

CESSE Conference / Concerts
“Whatever structurally does not fit the logic of machines is effectively filtered from a culture dominated by their use.” (nula.cc)