Open Call

The Library of the the BMC

28th November – 1st December  2018.

Organized by
Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, Budapest (MOME)

With the contribution of
Budapest Music Center (BMC) & Spatial Sound Institute (SSI, NL/H)      

Supported by

Open Call for papers and sound performances at the founding conference of Central European Society for Soundscape Ecology (CESSE)

CESSE  Conference #1 is dedicated  to the establishment of a new organization for convening  and coordinating energies towards the improvement and saving of our region’s soundscapes. Keywords are: contemporary art, science and technology, focusing on livability and sustainability.

Acoustics and soundscapes deeply shape the processes of the human mind and the entire biosphere, and sound is thus determinative in our relationship to people, animals, vegetation, and the environment. Technological equipment allows us to harvest and document more and more information from our surroundings. However, we still understand very little about the complex relationships between landscapes and soundscapes, about the ways how acoustics influence living organisms, societies, networks, including the human.

CESSE  Conference #1  is a three-day meeting bringing together artist and academics mainly from the geopolitical area of the Central and SouthEast Europe, who are involved in ecology, theory and acoustics to discuss and exchange ideas concerning such questions as:

  • How our acoustic perception of soundscapes, the technical methods of field recording, and the platforms for their subsequent distribution help to increase public awareness of environmental and political issues? How effectively can such a practice expand both a subjective and a wider socio-cultural understanding of biological, social, technological and psychological ecologies?
  • What methods and strategies can we appropriate to effectively and responsibly influence the course of environmental and geopolitical transformations, both on the local and global scales?
  • Is it possible to foster a sustainable network through which artists, academics and social activists can make use of a common language in order to act and communicate more effectively, allowing them to further explore and influence fields such as acoustic ecology, eco-politics, eco-psychology, cultural cartography, and critical theory and to expand them in the public domain?
  • The intent of the conference is to review and possibly foster new or already existing professional and institutional networks within Central Europe, make them more durable and sustainable in a dynamically changing world.

The Society proposes to be part of the worldwide activities coordinated and guided by World Forum of Acoustic Ecology (WFAE). We will concentrate on the Central European region, specially: Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, but the conference is open for all.

The registration fee of the conference is HUF 12.000 / € 40. (For students: 50%)
Participants will be guided to meals and accomodations at their own costs.

We would welcome contributions on:
Acoustic ecology
Acoustic space and psychoacoustics
Acoustic communities
Audio archives
Creation of positive soundscapes
Environmental aesthetics
Environmental health
Environmental politics (policy/legislation)
Field recording-related composition (soundscape, electroacoustic, acoustic, improvisation)
Heritage and memory of sound
Pauline Oliveros – her heritage
Policies for noise control
Social, cultural and environmental sustainability
Sonic perception
Sound, place and identity
Spatial sound system composition
The study of soundscapes as social and political intervention
Urban design, planning and architecture
Urban soundscapes


Papers: CV + an abstract of max. 1000 characters.
Deadline for applications is 15th September of 2018. Please contact us at the following email address:

Please note, we can only schedule papers or works where at least one of the authors has registered for the conference.


Curatorial board

Fritz, Darko (Grey area/Siva zona – space for contemporary and media art. Zagreb- Korčula)
Hajnóczy, Csaba (Moholy-Nagy University of Arts, Budapest)
Kovács, Balázs  (University of Pécs, Faculty of Music and Visual Arts)
Ristić, Manja (Auropolis Association of Multimedia Artists, Beograd)
Szigetvári, Andrea (Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music Budapest, Electronic Music Media Art)
Vojtechovsky, Milos (Center for Audiovisual Studies, Film and Television Faculty AMU, Praha)
Weiperth, András (Hungarian Academy of Sciences,  Centre for Ecological Research)
Wieczorek, Sławomir dr. (Univ. of Wrocław, Institute of Musicology)
Zorman, Brane (CONA Institute for Contemporary Arts Processing, Ljubljana)

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