Manja Ristić HR

CESSE Conference / Concert and Paper / Paper: Mnemopoetics as a Generator of Artistic Intervention in Field Recording Practice, Following the Presentation of Korčula Island Sound Map / Black isle, processed field recordings with live impro on sound objects, violin and a cardboard box (Electroacustic composition) / Manja Ristić, Auropolis Association of Multimedia Artists, Beograd.
(1979) born in Belgrade. In 2001 graduated at the Belgrade Academy of Music, then in 2004 awarded at the Royal College of Music, London, with PGDip Solo-Ensemble Recitalist. As a classical solo and chamber musician as well as a composer and an improv musician Manja performed all across Europe and further, involving collaborations with established conductors and performers, multimedia artists, visual artists, poets, theater and movie directors.

Tomáš Šenkyřík (CZ)

CESSE / Papers / Soundmap of Southern Moravian fauna / Tomáš Šenkyřík (CZ) is a musicologist with interest in field recordings. He is interested in acoustic ecology and discovering musical structures in nature. He is fascinated in finding musical qualities in dialogues between natural and unnatural sounds…

Csaba Hajnóczy

CESSE / Conference Concert: From Sea to the River to the Sea / SSI / Paper: CESSE – THE CONCEPT / The concept of this project was to work with field recordings and still images in the Palestinian Territories. I have been honoured to be accompanied in this expedition by photographer Lenke Szilágyi, who did not hesitate to join me and be my inspirative and faithful collaborator while preparing, on spot, and during all editing and post-production works…

Darko Fritz HR

CESSE Papers / SOUND OF THE ISLAND – LUC FERRARI AND OTHER SOUND TRANSMITTERS / Siva zona – space for contemporary and media art, Zagreb- Korčula / 12:30-12:50 / 1th December, 2018