Judit Emese Konopás H

CESSE Conference / Concerts
Phenomenological listening // Meditation // Nature

Judit Emese Konopas got in touch with the meaning of space from an early age as she finished her degrees as an architect. She has gained her experience in various architect and interior design offices in London and in Budapest. She was awarded not only for her architectural, but for her photography works as well. Her works – which are primarily based on interaction, communication and juxtaposition using various surfaces and textures, – were presented in several exhibitions throughout Europe. She published worldwide, including the field of interior design, architecture, photography and music.

From the beginning of her professional career, she focused on visualization and form of spaces. Her further interests widely spread into different genres such as architecture, art, music, photography and contemporary dance. After a phase of bouncing around them, she experiments on connecting the different fields and emerging them into immersive soundsculptures and sound installations.

She is a sound researcher, artist and organizer involved in various sonic activities such as the Factory Playground for Picture Budapest and the Revisioning Realism minifestival held in Patyolat Cultural Centre. She performed live her interactive sound installation, Earnest Endeavour in 4DSOUND at Showroom of Contemporary Sound. Her music was presented and screened on the 14th Verzio International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival in the movie, called IZA in the Művész Cinema. Judit Emese Konopás performed in Bruxelles with her newest piece, INTER/ACT/SON at the La Semaine du Son festival, which was a final presentation of her one month residency at Q-O2. She created a piece where audience could be participants and travellers in a journey to unknown environments and spaces.

She holds workshops for different universities and artistic venues as well. Recently she experiments within the field of sound and space involving various techniques using her own voice and body to be able to better understand how sound can travel in space within undefined time.