Jan Krombholz, Polina Khatsenka BY/CZ

CESSE Conference / Concerts / 51105/40001 
Jan Krombholz, Polina Khatsenka

Polina Khatsenka (1992) is a new media artist from Belarus. Dominant part of her artworks is based on a wide variety of aspects of sound, such as sonic environment, physicality of audio, spatial sound and etc. Living and studying arts in Usti nad Labem, she was given an opportunity to foster her knowledge in those fields, with further exchange at Media and Design Faculty of Dusseldorf University, where she deepen her experience with multichannel audio and history of electronic music. Polina Khatsenka currently is working on her BcA. thesis at Faculty of Arts and Design, Time-based media studio, Jan Evangelista Purkyne University, Czech republic.

Jan Krombholz (1987) is a mixed media artist, who has been recently focused on developing a system of knowledge mediation of physical aspects of sound and sonic media arts at high schools and universities in relation to multichannel sound systems and field-recordings. In mostly every his artwork you can clearly see a site-specific approach, high awareness of the historical and cultural contexts and deep relations between them, the artwork itself, and current social and cultural situation. Jan Krombholz studies his PhD. at Pedagogical faculty in Jan Evangelista Purkyně University in Usti nad Labem, with previous master study at JEPU, both Pedagogical and Art and Design faculties.


The performance is based on field-recordings from two cities, German Cologne and Czech Usti nad Labem. First is know for plane landscape of north-rhein westphalia region, intense business market which ends up into heavy land, marine and air traffic, mixing with diverse cultures and languages into a very distinctive acoustic situation. Usti nad Labem is a town at the czech-german border, which formerly was known mostly for concentrated industry. Even though the current situation is very different, acoustic pollution still takes place in the city. All these prominent noises motivated J.Krombholz to look for other hidden sonic interferences which happened to be a very rich collection of drones and noises from air-conditioning systems placed all over the city and being an inseparable unit of sonic image of Usti nad Labem.