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CESSE Conference / Concerts / Flux hortus (PARADISCO) / by OR poiesis, sound performance

OR poiesis (alias Petra Kapš, born 1975, Slovenia) weaves her work among the arts of sound, radio, chrono-spatial poetry, poetic performance, books and reflection. Aside from the ethereal features of sound, she focuses on the physical presence of the body. She extends the word, her core medium, with sonic spheres of sonorous poetry. She is interested in aural memory and the deep time of the body. Incorporating an (a)syntemporal presence through the digital sphere, she researches the possibilities of intimate radio and is concerned with the void ear of the internet listener. Her sound/radio/book works are located solitudes.

Flux hortus (PARADISCO) by OR poiesis, sound performance

PARADISCO is eavesdropping in-to the acoustic qualities of the paradise. Nothing ever changes there, there are no seasons, everything is always the same. Inhabitants are probably already completely deaf … or crazy. The constant presence of the unchangeable, constant present, as well as the sound-fields of our digitally driven civilization, supported by the non-time matrix of augmented reality, could be described as aural hell. The author proposes a mortal, silent paradise.

when drops of night
submerge forever into
the shadow of sleep

Flux hortus is an aural water garden, a timeless book out of space, a library of rivers, designed for listening in motion. It seeks inspiration in the manifestation of a sonopoetic variation on a cosmic garden, and wonders what paradise sounds like. Paradise, pairi-daeza, an enclosing wall, a detachment of a piece of landscape for various purposes.

Flux hortus (PARADSICO) explores relations between concepts and models of the garden as the idealized form of experimenting with living environments, with an emphasis on audio perception. Water is the ultimate available matter of all living beings; it is even much more than man’s pure freedom.

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Photo: Branimir Ritonja. Flux hortus by OR poiesis, 2017

The photographer of the artist’s portrait: Urška Boljkovac