Sławek Wieczorek PL

Univ. of Wrocław, Institute of Musicology. Sławomir Wieczorek graduated in culture studies and musicology. He is a faculty member of the Institute of Musicology at the University of Wrocław.

Brane Zorman and Irena Pivka SLO

CESSE Conference, Papers / Paper: Brane Zorman & Irena Pivka: Ways of Listening and Sound Integration of Space and Time within Contemporary Art Practices / CONA Institute for Contemporary Arts Processing, Ljubljana / Concert: Brane Zorman / Ems Memory Trackers (2016) / Live sound performance in 5.1, surround with video projection / Brane Zorman, composer, sound, radio artist and new media artist and Irena Pivka, architect, scenographer and new media artist are working together on a series of collaborative projects.
Ways of listening and sound integration of space and time within contemporary art practices.

Andrea Szigetvári

CESSE Conference / Concerts, Papers / Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music Budapest, Electronic Music Media Art / Noise-wrangling: an attempt to reveal noises that matter / 11:25-11.45, Saturday, 1th December, 2018

József Iszlai RO

CESSE Conference / Papers / Concerts / Artist, resaercher, Cluj / Visceral nature in the urban milieu / Friday / 30th November, 2018 / 15.45-16.05
‘Inderdisciplinary artist working as a composer, guitarist, and music producer for theatre and film. His works include site specific audio installations, various performances, live concerts, tutoring numerous sound design workshops, and teaching a course on applied sound design at the Partium Christian University (Oradea, RO).’

Darko Fritz HR

CESSE Papers / SOUND OF THE ISLAND – LUC FERRARI AND OTHER SOUND TRANSMITTERS / Siva zona – space for contemporary and media art, Zagreb- Korčula / 12:30-12:50 / 1th December, 2018

Balázs Kovács

CESSE Conference / Paper / Eco-Friendly Sound Art Practices / Workshop / Low Power Devices in Sound Art / Balázs Kovács, PhD, University of Pécs, Faculty of Arts / Smart technoligies opened the door before self-powering electronic music. In this workshop we’ll use small but powerful devices which use solar power or hand-crank generators to drive themselves…