József Iszlai RO

Artist / resaercher, Cluj
CESSE Conference / Papers / Concerts / 
VISCERAL NATURE IN THE URBAN MILIEU Friday / 30th November, 2018 / 15.45-16.05

Inderdisciplinary artist working as a composer, guitarist, and music producer for theatre and film. His works include site specific audio installations, various performances, live concerts, tutoring numerous sound design workshops, and teaching a course on applied sound design at the Partium Christian University (Oradea, RO).

“I produce electronic music and invited a group of sound/music/mixed media enthusiasts to record the sounds of our local environment, with the vision of transforming found sound into electronic music.
This project is all about recording sounds in our natural environment and making music exclusively out of these recordings. We sampled the forests and parks of Cluj Napoca, samples which were later transformed into melodic instruments, drums, and ambient soundscapes reflecting nature and urban culture in a simultaneous way.” J.I.