Dijana Protić HR

CESSE Conference / Paper: EXPLORATION OF SOUND ART HERITAGE ON THE EXAMPLE OF CD-ROMS PROJECTS  / PhD Student, Doctoral study Publishing and Media, The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Rijeka, Croatia

Usage of digital technology and visibility on the Internet is a common practice in contemporary art but still many artworks connected with sound art heritage are in private archives and they are not accessible to wider audience. In this presentation, I will analyse and explore audio and visual archive on example of eight CD-ROMs which were shown on Media-Scape 5 “Control.Shift.Escape” in Zagreb, in November 1997. Media-Scape was an international meeting of media artists which took place in Zagreb, once a year between 1993 and 1999. Curators, founders and organizers were Ingeborg Fülepp and Heiko Daxl. On this exhibition, there was a presentation of artistic CD-ROMs projects which were a popular art form at that period. Titles of CD-ROMs were: Ottos Mops (Trotzt), Urban Feedback, Vortex24 hrs Berlin, Landscape Today-Electronic Landscape, Kritzkratz City, Berlin Connection, Babel, Build in Light. In this presentation, I will analyse artwork on CD-ROMs from several perspectives. Frist one will explore which artistic methods and strategies were used to create each CD-ROMs project, since there are several different artistic approaches connected to sound. The second one will discuss which theme is related to each of the projects. For example, Vortex 24 hrs Berlin is made of 24 video and music pieces which defined the audio-visual portrait of the city of Berlin from 1996. The third part of the presentation will analyse the relationship between sound, place and identity on CD-ROMs connected to London, Amsterdam and Berlin. Also, on this example I will analyse what is the best way to preserve, collect and re-exhibit artworks that are part of sound art heritage.

Dijana Protić (Zagreb, 1985) has a Master of Fine Art (MFA) degree in dramaturgy from The Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb. In March 2014 enrolled Postgraduate doctoral study Publishing and Media on The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Rijeka. In March 2015, she received support from University of Rijeka for research project ‘Research on the use of digital technology in teaching among student population’. Her research and artistic interests are related to media art, visual art and moving images, reception of visual information, digital technology and art. The first directed film was short documentary film ‘Kampanja, oliva corcyrae nigra’ (Sintoment, 2009). Currently, she is working as director on documentary film and as collaborator in the Centre for Innovative Media at the Academy of Applied Arts, Rijeka. She is doing research for PhD, which will be examine the mapping, history and practice of new media art in Croatia and Slovenia. She has led several film workshops in collaboration with Sintoment and Croatian Youth Network, authored several documentaries and short films.

(Photo: Ingeborg Fülepp)