Jasna Jovicević SRB

CESSE Conference / Papers / “THE SOUND OF BIRDS”- GENTLE ARTISTIC VOICE FOR PROTECTION OF ENDANGERED BIRD SPECIES / Researcher- Artist, Serbia / 14:55-15:15  / 29th November, 2018 

“I will present a powerful civil movement “The Sound of Birds” from 2013-2015, and the original music I composed and improvised ( recorded and toured), by using recorded bird songs, which I put in different musical and geopolitical situations, forms and roles in the songs, by stretching, editing, detuning, decelerated and combined with acoustic instrumentation, changing its meaning as a resource. Soundscapes can deeply, effectively and responsibly influence the human mind, and is useful as a gentle strategy in Ecology- Nature love and care distribution. The album was a part of an artistic public campaign (bilingual- Serb & Hungarian) for protection of endangered doves, from illegal hunt, especially in the territory of the Nature Park “Palić” Special Nature Reserve “Ludaško Lake” in Vojvodina; where we succeeded in the battle, forming Coalition and legal initiative, changing the law. We also promoted new models of sustainable ecotourism (Birdwatching infrastructure, Bird Safari guided tours) and education (eco-music workshops in schools, smart phone apps, on-line ornithology games), increasing public awareness with brochures, short films, and the first Serbian field-recoded bird sound data base ( made by ornithologists), using it in my music performance.”  Jasna Jovicević , researcher- artist, Serbia

Jasna Jovicević is saxophone, bass clarinet, flute, and spacedrum player and composer from Serbia. Jasna received her BA from Franc Liszt Music Academy in Budapest, Hungary, MA in composition from York University in Toronto, and currently a PhD student of Studies in Contemporary Transdisciplinary Arts and Media in Belgrade (Faculty of Media and Communications). She participated as an Artist in Residency in Veneto Jazz-Italy, Banff Centre-Canada, ArtsLink-New York City, OMI-New York and Djerassi Residency-San Francisco, as well as granted on the competitions in Milan, Budapest and Ljubljana for her compositions and performances.

She performed her work around Europe, USA and Canada on various national and international festivals; Nisville, Ring Ring, Novi Sad International Festival, Valjevo Jazz Fest, Green Town Jazz Festival, Kanjiza Jazz Festival, Budapest Jazz Festival, Zsamber Jazz Fest, TD Toronto Jazz Festival, Jazzy Colours Paris Jazz Fest, Roulette impro nights- New York, Color Festival- Dorset UK, Jazzire, Pula Jazz Festival, Rovinj Jazz Fest, Veneto Jazz Italy, Milan Ethno Fest, collaborated with with Hamid Drake, Mike Stern, Chico Freeman, Dresh Mihaly, Olah Kalman, Al DI Meola, Laszlo Atilla etc… Her original solo discography is “Invented Reality”, “The Sound of Birds”, “Dharma-Travellers“ and “Flow Vertical“, released with FMR Records, but also recorded as a sideman.

Non-conventional approach to a composition through technique of „aware improvisation“, constructs a dialogue and fluent interaction with audience and other musicians. She combines music knowledge with the knowledge of Yoga, Nature, Phycology, and Ecology, encouraging creativity and personal experience of music and art. Her work is experimental in genre, instrumentation and musical forms. As a researcher, she combines practised based research with philosophy and critical theories.

Jasna is currently teaching at Collage of Vocational Studies for Educators-Subotica, instructing hatha yoga and music therapy with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, also leading Jasna Jovicevic Sextet, and New Spark Jazz Orchestra- Balkan Women in Jazz.

Please visit for edu: www.igraona.edu.rs
Artist site: www.jasnajovicevic.com