Eduardo Abrantes DK/P

CESSE Conference / Papers / Resonant encounters – Intersections Between Sound Art and Mental Health / 12:55-13:15 / 1 Dec / MOME Z

Eduardo Abrantes PhD :: Sound Artist :: Artistic Researcher :: filmmaker.
Born in 1979, in Lisbon, Portugal. Based between Copenhagen and Stockholm, since 2009.

One of the intersections between sound and mental health is found in the concern for “theatmosphere of interpersonal encounters” (Fuchs 2013) that emerges through bodily interactionsand interbodily resonance (Froese & Fuchs 2012). Resonance, in this case, a concept that originallybelongs to the realm of sound can gain momentum when translated into the realm of theperformative exploration of interpersonal relationships.This paper seeks to explore, via an assessment of transdisciplinary practice, artistic experiments andtheoretic approaches from a Nordic and Baltic context, if and how strategies from the sound artshave been or can potentially intervene positively in the complex environments of mental health –considered as a resonant community, not only of care seekers but care providers. The discussionshifts the discourse from the strict one-way therapeutical approach (music therapy and otherestablished methods), into the experimental fields of mutual exploration – radio experiments,sound collage workshops, embodied listening methods, etc, in order to broaden the discoursebetween artistic practice, sound studies and mental health.