Iva Polanecká CZ

CESSE Conference / Papers / STEREO PUBLIC (2016 Trento, 2017 Usti nad Labem), Soundwalk, performance

Sound walk STEREO PUBLIC was created as a site-specific performance for city of Trento. It highlights listening throught time and place. Sound walk, listening while walk, can not bereplaced by an experience by listening to its original source, it’s an experience itself. It’s areconstruction and transcription of sound events, that have been originated at the same place, but in a past.

Sound coincide with a reality, that is enriched by a details and points of interests I found andnoticed there. By the retrospective listening of records I often find many sound elements, towhich I return back and try to record them differently from multiple pointsof listen. A vital rolein classifying of the sounds and the overall construction of form for me it iscrucial individual reverberation of surroundings. Normal streets are clumping to distortedperspectives. Time and place consist in meditative potential of noise and silence. I am lookingfor strangeness and uniqueness of everyday situations which we have already forgotten for theirordinariness.

Most of today’s population takes many photographs of the holiday, various social events. Sound form of surroundings where we live is an equally important and often just as valuablestock of various initiative. That’s why I record various acoustic situations, which for some reasonattracted my attention. It can be a conversation heard in inadvertently during walks, the sound ofbells in the tower of a nearby church or natural ambient heard while we walking. It is easy, take the record, maps and go to the starting point, put your headphones on a leavewalk sounds for yourself!